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Con­science is the root of all true courage; if a man would be brave let him obey his con­science.
– James Free­man Clarke 12/31/2013


Comodante Mar­cos, Juárez, 2006 ©Bruce Berman

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Lou Reed: R.I.P. On The Wild Side


Lou Reed opens his photo exhibition entitled 'Lou Reed's New York' at gallery Serieuze Zaken Studios in Amsterdam on October 11th, 2007.

photo by Olaf Kraak/epa/Corbis

Lou Reed opens his photo exhi­bi­tion enti­tled ‘Lou Reed’s New York’ at

gallery Serieuze Zaken Stu­dios in Ams­ter­dam on Octo­ber 11th, 2007.




The News floored me.

It’s like New York vanished.

Guil­liani couldn’t scrub it.

Bloomberg couldn’t.

It’s your city Lou.

You were the grit and the soul man.

So now it’s time to fly away.

How do you Speak to an Angel” you wrote and asked:

You just say — Hello, hello, hello Baby

Check it out. See you there. Say hi to Andy.

Miss you. The thought of you.

You were always a kick in my pants.

Walk on the wild side.

No doubt.

The great beyond.


See you there.


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Don’t Entertain Me!



El Tri Sodas 3X 1.00

Com­men­tary by Bor­der Blog Editor

El Paso Street in El Paso. It’s the first block of Amer­ica. Or the last block of Amer­ica. It depends on which direc­tion you’re headed.

Going north it’s the first. Going south, it’s the last, the next block is Mexico.

This is a street of life, bulging with peo­ple, an array of goods from school and house­hold sup­plies to clothes to audio stuff to high heels to T-shirts with every­thing from Rev­o­lu­tion­ar­ies  to car­toons on them. It’s juicy, alive and has tex­ture and odor.

It’s  3D street. Read more…

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The Fast Disappearing Authentic Segundo Barrio: Mailbox Kids

ChucoStreet, Mailbox Kids in Segundo Barrio, 2012

Mail­box Kids, Segundo Bar­rio, El Paso, 2012

©Bruce Berman

The Shrink­ing Segundo Barrio

by Bruce Berman


El Bar­rio, The Segundo, is shrinking.

It’s get­ting the squeeze. The squeeze has been com­ing for a cen­tury or more but it’s a full assault now, and a gen­er­a­tion that had roots in the ‘hood, that was born of a time and place that demanded they fight, is no longer there in num­bers and pos­si­bly not there in energy and his­toric resentment.

The neigh­bor­hood is being squeezed from the north with the Dream­land Down­town Plan back on Pre­mium and from within. A pro­posed Sci­ence museum in the old Armijo School would be the death blow.

If the death­blow can be deliv­ered to an already dead corpse. Read more…

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Light and Shadow and Mom and Child in Between

SpookyLight in El Central/El Paso

Mother and son, El Central/El Paso, 2012


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