Sweet Border: Illegal and Bad

Sweet Border, Anapra, NM/Colonia Anapra, Juarez Chihuahua-Feb. 2009

Sweet Border, Anapra, NM/Colonia Anapra, Juarez Chihuahua-Feb. 2009

Life goes on.

Mexico is a great pueblo. So is El Paso and southern New Mexico.

One reads the newspapers and one thinks the world has gone insane. Particularly here, on the border.

But, really, don’t read the papers or watch the broadcast and web news, just live the life, do what you got to do, take care of your family as best you can, be straight with your neighbors, breath the air you are given for the day you’re given it and, one might wonder why the newspapers and the broadcast and web news has gone insane.

Here is the candyman. He’s in Juarez.

Here are some of his neighbors. They’re in the U.S.

That candy in the sky went from legal to illegal. Poof. In a split second. See it hovering there, sneaky and furtive, just hovering over the border, trying to worm its way into paradise? Whoa, there it goes, crossing the fence illegally. No papers for that candy. Spit that candy out. It’s bad candy. It’s foreign candy. It might even be terrorist candy.

We need to do something about that candy!

Oh the humanity!

That candy might despoil our culture, debase our women, weaken our men, and, even, ruin our economy (er…speaking of newspapers, I think my reading is that we can do that plenty good on our own).

Yeah, no doubt about it, candy needs to be added to the Congress’ list of controlled substances (along with Speech that the majority doesn’t like).

We must save our country from this.

Oh lord, that candy could be the tipping point.

Yep, the Candyman is one dangerous hombre and this must be stopped.


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1 Comment

  1. Right on, Bruce.

    The past two posts are powerful pictures of truth. Thanks for putting hope on the line and for using your words and photos to remind us that the people in Ciudad Juarez are our brothers and our sisters, our familiy, our neighbors.

    Admire and respect your work!