Street Photographer In Nicaragua

Photographer in Granada, Nicaragua

Developing a portrait, Granada, Nicaragua, February 1986


This photographer in the Plaza of Granada in Nicaragua is developing a portrait that he just made. Inside the box are the normal developing chemicals of Developer, Fixer. Once he has the photograph captured -on portrait size paper- he goes inside the camera through the light tight sleeve and goes from one mini tray to the next until he has the image “fixed.” He then pulls the photograph out and washes it on a tray of water that he has set up in a little bucket attached to the tripod under the camera.

His process was not as fast as the 60 second time for a Polaroid, but, close!

Most street photographers of the world have now converted to a digital set-up, utilizing any camera and a mini printer.

The need for the photographer, regardless of process, is still necessary in the plazas of the non 1st world.

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