Segundo Barrio Yo Yo Boy



Segundo barrio Yo Yo boy, Halloween 2011

Text by Bruce Berman (in full snide mode)

Halloween is The Great Day in El Segundo barrio. The ‘hood comes alive. People are pouring over the bridges heading from Juarez on the candy quest. People in the neighborhood put on the costumes and come out of invisibility. The first block of America (6th and El Paso) is a riot of laughing and color and wild abandon.

Nothing is sure on this border in this neighborhood anymore. “They” are back! The Developers. “The 180s” aren’t around on this day. The Developers, their Pol puppies, the Gov. employee “Good Germans,” even the The Do Gooders (even if they are really the Do Badders). That’s what I have come to call them all. They say something and if you want to find out what they just said just think 180 degrees opposite from what it was. Most of them are up in Kern Place handing out candy, their yearly contact with the rabble. They’re all afraid of the people when they have fun.

Who knows what might happen?

Me? Still in the ‘hood. Still snapping’. Sometimes I think I should give it up and do what I ought to do, be Mr. Professor, the grinning Monkey of the State.

Sometimes you do what you ought to do and sometimes you do what you want to do.

If you’re supposed to be wearing the mask, like the Yo Yo kid’s (in his hand), sometimes you can’t and you just have to play with the Yo Yo.

Happy Halloween. Play with the Yo Yo!

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