Relic #40: Hatch, New Mexico

Relic#39: Hatch, New MexicoRelic #40, Hatch, New Mexico

Commentary and photograph by Bruce Berman

What was is going.

What was the recent past is now becoming the debris of now, eroding into the dust or waiting for the two hour demolition wrecker to come and sweep it away, laying waste to the last of the industrial age, smoothing a pad or a field to a bald table upon which will be laid The Grid.

The twists of weather and accidents and the steady bending of time has left the last century (and sixteen years of this one) askew.

Beautifully askew.

I celebrate this.

In this, in the spaces where the iconography of the past is twisted but not gone, I find freedom and my camera does what cameras do most powerfully: record.

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