Murder Is A Teaching Moment (Editor Says…)

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Local TV Handles Vilolence In Juarez (at least Art about violence)

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Your Editor Stumbles Into a Defense Of Decapitated Heads (Art) At El Paso’s Library

July 9, 2009

Editor’s Note: Here is what they left on the “cutting room floor”

“I understand this must be difficult for a parent who is trying to protect their child. That’s a good thing. Perhaps the Library needs to put up a little Aviso, warning parents about what they might encounter. This is the reality of what is happening less than a mile from where we stand. This is real and this is of concern and interest to many many El Pasoans, so many of whom are directly connected because half of our families live on the other side. This, it would seem to me, given a warning, would be a perfect moment for parents to have a teaching moment with their children, explain to them the situation, tell what those bullet holes through the head mean, explain to them the concern and pain and -HELLO!- why the use of drugs is the root cause of this particular conflict and how the use of them causes so many innocent people to suffer, societies to deteriorate, Fathers, Mothers and Children to be extinguished. Shouldn’t we discuss this with them rather than avoid its existence? It seems to me that Art is one of the mildest and most benign ways to do that.”

I’m asking this from citizens of the Wal Mart Country?

But you know what? I stood in that library and 90% (my opinion) said, more or less (to paraphrase), “Hey, it’s different. It’s art.” And I saw a lot of mothers talking with their kids (even in the short video they broadcast).

Man! That TV “eye,” is powerful. One uptight woman gets us all scrambling to cover ourselves. We’ve gone from no equal justice under the law (because how could an “ordinary person,” ever afford an attorney, to too much “justice,” because anyone can afford a lawyer (because there are beaucoup bucks to had in settlements).


Get off the couch where the “eye,” is being broadcast and go see thngs for yourself.

How else are you gonna know the reality?

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