Ken Van Sickle!

all photographs ©Ken Van Sickle

Every once in awhile, when you’re not looking, and something new comes to you and you go, “There’s More!”

This morning, in my meanderings,  I came across this quote:

“A person often meets their destiny on the road he took to avoid it.*”

The quote led me -in that totally weird way that “surfing,” around the web sometimes does- to a photographer I have never even heard of, before, let alone, known.

And his pictures are Fabulous!

A firestorm of possibilities came into my mind. How much else out there that is unknown should be known, needs to be known, makes the world a worse place because it is not known? What is of value, the notariety of being known or the deep value of knowing you should be (as in Ken Van Sickle)?

A student, last semester, when I was cautioning her about the dangers of following trends, sweetly replied, “How do I know something is a trend if I never knew about it?”



Ignorance of something is just a matter that one has not had a chance to know it…yet! It’s temporary. She’ll know when she needs to know if she ever does.

Look at the great unbknown Mr. Sickle. He was boppin’ and rockin’ way back in the fifties and who knew? Not many.

Time, precious and temporal, time, there is not enough of you but this day gave me just a little more and there were rewards.

The world -mine, hers, ours- is enough. There’s an infinite amount to know.

Here is a link to Mr. Van Sickle’s photographs.


* Quote by: Jean de la Fontaine

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