Hot Skinny Shadow

SkinnyShadow LoRes

D’town El Paso, 104 degrees, July 28, 2009

It’s cookin’ in El Paso.


Hard to breath.

But people do.

You keep moving.

They renamed the two shopping blocks in the Segundo barrio “The Golden Horseshoe.”

Ridiculous in hard times. It’ll always be the Segundo barrio. Right now it’s the bronze horseshoe at best. That’s what’s wrong with some plans, they never figure on reality.

It’s still just Stanton Street and El Paso Street and right now it is golden, at sunset, when it cools down to 100. In the day it feels hot red.

No matter what you call them, the streets are sticky, mushy from the heat, they kind of move when you step on them. They’re melting and one feels like they’re being reduced by half.

You keep moving.

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