El Patron de Las calles: Robert Frank


from The Americans

Robert Frank

b. 1924

“I am always looking outside, trying to look inside.”

This is da man! King of the road. He saw what everyone saw but he saw it through a 35mm camera and with a critical eye. To look at it now -the Global Village which used to be just America- needs a new eye. The question has been out there for awhile: What have we become?

Many “lead ups,” have filled in blanks (try William Eggleston, Joe Deal, Mary Ellen Mark), but “da Man (which very likely will turn out to be a WO-man), hasn’t definitively arrived.

Has she or he?

Whatever, I pay homage to Robert Frank. It’s a really good doctor that tells you your problem, straight, no jive and makes you still want to keep on keepin’ on.

Editor’s Note

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Frank

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1 Comment

  1. We are not now, what we were then. Robert Frank had a way of freezing time and LIFE within the frame.

    Did you look for someone you know? Robert Frank did.