El Dia de San Valentin

La “MC,” Lidia, San Valentin Beauty Show

El Paso – Feb. 13, 2010

El Dia de San Valentin/El Paso, Texas

Candy? Flowers? Lingerie?



Big day on the border. Everywhere now. Billions in tooth decay. Billions in flowers grown in eco-destroying third world corporate gardens.

Bah humbug (or whatever malapropism you say on Valentin’s Day)!

At Pipo’s Hair and Beauty Academy, the evening is celebrated with a Pachanga of beauty: hair, nails, facials, more fancy nails, more exotic hairdos, more gloriously relaxing facials.

The crowd looks on. There is a drawing. Someone from the crowd gets a redo/undo/”do.”

Students strut their stuff. Local celeb hair guys demonstrate their skills.

One visiting journalist, the veteran of many domestic conflicts and two wars, leans over and says to the DJ, who is a two-tour veteran of Iraq, “I’ve seen a lot of things but I have never seen anything like this!”

The DJ replies, “…me neither.”

Who has?

Note: Watch the bb blog in the next two days for a slide show.

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